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Crokinole at The Still Room!

Crokinole is a tabletop game that originates from Canada and dates back to the mid 19th century. It combines curling and shuffleboard into a unique and incredibly fun game that takes only minutes to learn. This is the overhead view of a classic Crokinole board:

How to Play Crokinole

Here is a short video that explains the simple game of Crokinole:

You can also click here for a PDF of the official Rules of Crokinole straight from the National Crokinole Association.

We've seen a lot of interest in Crokinole since bringing a few boards into The Still Room. You can play at any time the boards are available, however, we are looking to put together regular games on Sunday at The Still Room with potential for league play should there be enough interest. If you are interested in more information about potential league play or regular games, please submit your name and email below and we'll keep you in the loop!

Send us your info if you're interested!
By no means are you committing yourself to anything by submitting your information but this does help us get a list of interested people together. We won't spam you at all and will happily remove you from the crokinole mailing list should you ever request that.

Thanks! Message sent.

You can buy Crokinole boards online at retailers like Amazon but we can't recommend that. There are some gentlemen in different parts of Canada that produce handmade Crokinole boards that are beautiful, durable, and up to tournament standards. The following board makers are all easy for us to recommend:

Muzzies (The Still Room's boards were made by Murray)

Crokinole Boards
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