Rotating Wine Special

We bring in a case of wine every week or so to run on special. This is probably the most fun aspect of our jobs. We hope you join us as we work through case after case of wine that we have carefully picked out and are excited to share with you. Below is what is on special now, and further down the page you can see what's on deck. 

On Now

2018 Librandi Cirò (DOC) "Rosso Classico"

Varietal Blend​: 100% Gaglioppo
ABV: 13.5%
Color: Slightly-sepia ruby
Oak Profile: None
Terroir: Cirò DOC, Calabria, SW Italy
Price: $10 BTG / $35 BTB / $15 Offsite Retail

Tasting Notes: Oxidized field-berry aromatics; candied cherry and fennel; good, solid-medium
acids; medium-plus tannins, with an almost-capsaicin-like palate-sizzle that proceeds all the way
to the esophagus. As it opens, more of the field berry notes around the edges; maintains
fennel/tarragon; some fresh Flathead cherry notes as well.

Background: Gaglioppo is a red grape that is grown in southern Italy, primarily around
Calabria; it has shown a close genetic relationship with Sangiovese, which is likely one of the
two parent grapes. The region of Calabria is the toe in Italy’s proverbial boot, an area initially
named Italia, after the native Italic tribes in the region (a name which itself likely derives from
the Greek vituli, a local word for the numerous caves which dot the mountainous area of
Calabria). Indeed, Calabria is one of the earliest parts of the Apennine Peninsula (mainland
Italy) colonized by the Greeks—whose first colonies were on the island of Sicily, where they
introduced viticulture—and the area was subsequently known as Enotria, which meant “land
where the vine is cultivated high above the earth.”

On Deck

Info coming soon!

Jonathan Pierce 

Still Room Wine Manager

Jonathan first became well-acquainted with craft beer, far-flung wines, and classic cocktails on the consumer-side, reaching legal drinking-age in one of the best restaurant and bar cities in the world (Chicago, IL).  Moving subsequently to the rugged central highlands of Arizona, and finding a home in the burgeoning viticultural region of the Verde Valley, he spent several years working in the area’s vineyards, cellars, and tasting-rooms, eventually managing one of the latter (while helping out part-time at a friend’s local craft-brewery, which presented tremendous opportunity for cross-over projects). 


While he still has a palate-preference for the fine Rhône-style wines that are the focus of Arizona’s terroir (not to mention actual Rhodanien wines), his overriding project at the Still Room is to bring to our tables unique, exciting, and overlooked varietals from any region—meaning you won’t find our wines at most other dining or grocery establishments, and many bottles will include a descriptive journey away from mainstays and towards the margins of the winemaking map.  But, as Ishmael says Instagram-famously in Moby-Dick, “true places never are […] down on any map”.


In his spare time, Jonathan can be found drinking beers brewed by Mountains Walking or Imagination, waiting for the Roxy to reopen, playing around with new punches for our in-house punch menu, and researching the etymologies of obscure words.  He is also a published poet, with an MFA in Poetry from University of Montana, as well as a candidate for an MA in Literature who needs to finish his thesis.



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